krank sein vs. blau machen

after i left school after the second lesson at 9.45 am yesterday because i am sick i thought about what people think when students arent in school..some people really believe that you are sick, some others think that you dont want to school because you dont like school or some other sick. today i woke up at 5 am and thought about staying at home again, to get well. problem is, my mom dont want me to stay away from school and work even if i would die. my mom never stays at home when she is sick. but she isnt sick all the time. maybe once in a year. and when she was old like me her parents didnt allowed her to stay at home too. so thats maybe why i never can be in bed when i am sick. she always says "dont cry around, do something". but what when i cant do anything because im just so fucking sick with fever and all the stuff that i just have no "power" to do something? that means nothing to her. she doesnt say anything when my dad stays at home when he is sick. why it is okay for her when he is at home but when i am sick i am not allowed to stay at home? its because im a girl? Oo my mom says that all the boys always are like babies when they are sick. always crying around that they feel so sick and always telling everyone how bad they are feeling. and girls never cry when they are sick. thats what my mom thinks. so now i am sitting here waiting that my mom will leave for work so that i can go home again. it would be horrible to be in school, coughing around, having fever and fighting not to fall asleep. im fucking freezing and i think i wont get well that soon. but who cares? my mom obviously not. i have to wait for one more hour (i am waiting for 2 hours now). brutal crazy i know, but after my boss and some of my family and friends got sick too because of me and are annoyed because of my coughing i dont want to go anywhere until im totally well again. humans are crazy..
23.10.07 08:43

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